The Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme aims to ensure that talented, skilled and ethical environmental professionals are given due recognition in line with their professional counterparts from engineering, accounting, planning and architecture.

Certification provides a greater level of assurance to the community, employers, clients and professional associates of the credentials and peer recognition of an environmental professional.  By certifying practitioners that meet high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, the Scheme assists in improving environmental practice and environmental outcomes.

The CEnvP Scheme was established in 2004 as an initiative of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ). It is Australasia’s first certification scheme for general environmental practice, and one of the first in the world. The development of CEnvP was supported by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage.

There are currently 617 CEnvPs across Australia and New Zealand, including 19 Impact Assessment Specialists, 13 Ecology Specialists,
1 Contaminated Land Specialist and 1 Climate Change Specialist.

In 2010 CEnvP launched two specialist certification categories in Ecology and Impact Assessment. Climate Change and Contaminated Land were added in 2014. Specialist certification enables practitioners to be recognised for their knowledge, experience and leadership skills in specialised areas of environmental practice.   More specialist categories will follow.

Find out more about certification requirements and the certification process here.

Benefits to Industry and Employers

CEnvP certification can assist in improving the image of the industry and increase public awareness of, and trust in, the environmental profession.

Benefits to Industry and Employers

Provide an easier means of evaluating the competence of an employee or prospective employee, and decrease costs associated with the employee selection process.

CEnvP Directory

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CEnvP Directory

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Reasons You Need a CEnvP

There is an important difference between certification and accreditation.

Reasons You Need a CEnvP

A Certified Environmental Practitioner (‘CEnvP’) is a dedicated professional who has demonstrated their environmental professionalism beyond the standard requirements of education, and has been judged on their professional merits and experience by fellow senior level environmental practitioners.

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Environmental practitioners are committed to practice in accordance with this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and accept personal accountability for professional conduct.

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Compliance with this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is central to sound environmental practice and the credibility of the profession, and is required for persons who are members of the EIANZ and also for Certified Environmental Practitioners.

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