Mr Stewart McKenzie CEnvP

Cert No. 0476 Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited
PO Box 40

Tel: 03 321 9852
Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management
Sustainable Business Practice

Location of work undertaken: All Australia & New Zealand

Date Certified: Jul 2012
Status: Valid to Dec 2017

Professional Profile

Stu is Senior Technical Advisor & Verifier, Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd. Based at Lincoln, New Zealand, Stu supports organisations as they prepare to have their carbon emissions claim certified under the carboNZero and CEMARSProgrammes. Stu also leads sourcing and assessment of carbon credits for those clients that require their emissions to be offset.

Stu has considerable experience in greenhouse gas accounting and has contributed to several research projects including the New Zealand Carbon Monitoring System and EBEX21 indigenous forest carbon credits programme. He is continuously seeking options to minimise his own personal impacts through use of cycling and buses when possible, vehicle trip planning, considering the environmental impacts before buying anything, and making his house more energy efficient.
Stu has a Bachelor of Science in geography and earth sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in natural resource management from Massey University.