Certification Process

To guarantee that only competent and ethical practitioners become CEnvPs, the application process described below has stringent requirements and evaluation criteria and to guarantee that the same level of excellence and competency is maintained after initial certification, recertification is reassessed every two years.

Application Process

To become a CEnvP you can apply for General or Specialist certification at any time by completing an online application form. Please take care when reading the Guidance Notes to make sure you’re eligible when you apply.

CEnvP Office will provide assistance at any time of the application process. An Administration Officer will help you through your application process and answers any questions you may have.

 Administrative review

Confirmation that all the required information, including references and work verification reports has been received.

Registrar screening

Assessment of information provided by the applicant and verification that the applicant has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and experience to the applicable certification.
The Registrar determines whether an application has been properly made and may request additional information if required. There is no right of appeal against the decision of a Registrar.

Panel Assessment interview

Once application has been approved by the Registrar, the applicant will be interviewed by a Panel of three CEnvPs, via video conference since 2020.
At the assessment interview, applicants will be asked questions relating to experience, competence, commitment to continuous professional development and ethical conduct.
Following the interview, the Panel will recommend acceptance, deferral or rejection of the application to the CEnvP Certification Board.

 Board Application Review Committee (BARC)

The BARC will review both the application and Assessment Panel Reports in detail before making a formal recommendation to the Certification Board.

 CEnvP Board approval

The Certification Board will then ratify the decision or otherwise and advise the applicant regarding the outcome of the application.
    • Successful applicants

Successful applicants will receive a CEnvP certificate and a personalised CEnvP logo to use. There are many opportunities that come with certification and some new responsibilities to remain certified.

You will be entitled to use the title ‘Certified Environmental Practitioner’ and the designatory letters ‘CEnvP’ after your name as follows: Mr/s Alex Doe BSc CEnvP. See the trademark page for more information.

    • Unsuccessful applicants

Unsuccessful applications can be either deferred for a period no longer than 12 months or rejected. Deferrals of anything more than 12 months are considered as a rejection.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive an outcome letter from the Board addressing their decision and shortcomings identified during the application process. Applicants can either accept the decision of the Board or appeal through the appeals process.

        • Applicants whose applications have been deferred can reapply once they have met the requirements specified by the Board without having to resubmit a new application in full or paying an additional fee. No second deferral is possible.
        • Applicants whose applications have been rejected may apply again once the skills shortcomings have been addressed, but not earlier than a year, by submitting a new application in full and paying the corresponding application fee.

Recertification Process

Your certification will be reviewed on a two-year basis. To maintain CEnvP status, certified practitioners will need to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and a statement verifying any changed circumstances including employment and ethical conduct.

For more information regarding CPD requirements, please refer to CPD Guidelines.