Mr Erwin Budde CEnvP

Cert No. 0166 102/63-65 Johnston Street
Wagga Wagga

Tel: 6971 9696
Fax: 6971 9693
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Environmental Management
Greenhouse gas emissions management

Location of work undertaken: ACT, NSW, VIC & All New Zealand

Date Certified: Jun 2007
Status: Valid to Dec 2017

Professional Profile

Erwin is Projects Manager at the Wagga Wagga office of NGH Environmental. He has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, majoring in terrestrial ecology, and a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering Management. Erwin has worked for a variety of government and non-government organisations, most recently as an environmental advisor in the construction industry.

His key strengths are in the areas of: Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management, Auditing and systems development, and Biodiversity management and assessment.

Erwin has undertaken work within a range of sectors including urban development, road and rail infrastructure, government including local and state, and nature conservation programs. Furthermore, he has prepared environmental assessment documentation and management plans for mining operations, major infrastructure works and rural activities.

Most recently, he has been working in the growing field of greenhouse gas assessments, undertaking audits and advising on greenhouse gas emission management.

Erwin believes strongly in continuing the development of the environmental profession wherein membership to the CEnvP program is key to maintaining confidence within the business community.