Mr Shane Priddle CEnvP

Cert No. 0310 SW Environmental
PO Box 1037

Tel: 0437 700 917
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Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Management
Geographic Information Systems

Location of work undertaken: WA

Date Certified: Dec 2009
Status: Valid to Dec 2017

Professional Profile

Shane is an experienced environmental consultant having worked for one of Australia’s oldest environmental consultancies, nghenvironmental, since 2003. In 2006 he opened and managed nghenvironmental’s WA office. Since 2014 he has been trading as SW environmental. He has expertise in environmental impact assessment and approvals, ecology (fauna in particular), environmental management, project management, Geographic Information Systems and mapping. He has considerable expertise in working with organisations to effectively achieve development outcomes and environmental goals having worked on hundreds of projects throughout QLD, ACT, NSW, Vic and WA.

In addition to impact assessment, approvals and environmental management he has well developed fauna and habitat, survey and assessment skills having undertaken numerous surveys within the southwest, midwest, wheatbelt and great southern regions of WA, and previously throughout southern and western NSW. Several of these were major projects, over hundreds of hectares in area and/or hundreds of kilometres in length. This includes considerable experience in the survey and management of threatened Western Ringtail Possum and Black Cockatoos as well as preclearance surveys.

A highly experienced GIS operator, Shane is often subcontracted by other environmental consultancies to carry out complex mapping projects and prepare professional maps for public display. Since 2003, Shane has developed and implemented nghenvironmental’s internal GIS protocols, procedures and systems in line with the company’s ISO9001 certification and management system requirements. He has also recently prepared material for and conducted training and auditing of internal GIS staff across numerous eastern States offices.

Environmental consultant, with strengths in

  • Environmental impact assessment and approvals
  • Environmental management and management plans
  • Biodiversity assessment and management (fauna in particular)
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Project and contractor management

Since 2003 Shane has developed expertise in the above listed services for diverse projects throughout NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and WA. Key projects have included private/government land development and various (including major) infrastructure projects such as energy (renewable and non?renewable), utility, roads and telecommunications projects.