The CEnvP Trademark & Logo Use

The CEnvP Logo is designed to represent the Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) program as well as to identify individual Certified Environmental Practitioners. This Logo is a registered trademark and is covered by copyright laws. The Trademark designation has three components consisting of the CEnvP Logo, the initials, “CEnvP”, and the words, “Certified Environmental Practitioner”.

Careful control of the usage of the Logo is important to maintaining its value, recognition and visual impact for Certified Environmental Practitioners, the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme and the broader environmental industry. As the CEnvP Board certifies individuals (not companies, organisations, firms, partnerships, corporations, etc.), it is important that the public be aware that CEnvP reflects an individual’s qualifications and the design of materials using the CEnvP Logo indicate this.

Use of the CEnvP logo and personalised seals

  1. The generic CEnvP logo is not to be used by any practitioner for any purpose.
  2. All certified practitioners will be issued an individual personalised seal for their General, and where applicable, Specialist certification on an annual basis.  This seal will include the period of certification and your individual certification number(s).
  3. Your personalised seal can only be used where it is directly linked to you as a certified individual.  It cannot be used in connection with an organisation, company, firm, partnership, corporation, etc.
  4. Your seal can be used on business cards, reports, personalised stationery, promotional literature, advertising, signage and other documents provided it is directly connected to your name.  Permission to use your seal in other applications must be obtained from the CEnvP Scheme Program Office prior to reproduction.
  5. Your personalised seal must never be given out in digital or hard copy format for use by others.
  6. Your personalised seal and designation as a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) cannot be used if your certification is not current.

Seal Specifications

  1. Your personalised seal must not be altered, distorted or redrawn in any way from the master file provided.
  2. The minimum size of the seal should not be less than 12mm in diameter.
  3. The colours of your seal shall not be modified with the exception of using the Logo in black and white.
  4. Interpretation of these rules is at the sole discretion of the CEnvP Board. The CEnvP Board reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to use the seal if it considers the user to be abusing or misusing the seal.