CPD Resources

Organisations offering online professional development and events eligible for CEnvP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

CEnvP CPD log

A CPD template contains specific details on different activities and  is available for maintaining CPD records. The CPD log must be signed and witnessed prior to submission. Every two years the log must be submitted and is subject to potential audit. The official template is an excel spreadsheet. Applicants who choose not to use the downloadable version with in-built calculations may provide their own version, so long as it contains the same content in terms of the details entered.

The log can be entered in date order, since the downloadable version has a summary table which will calculate the total points for each category as the CPD activities are entered. Alternatively, the log may be presented as grouped items under the respective categories. It should be noted that certain categories have a limit set for the maximum hours and points that can be claimed, and that there are also multiplying factors included in the spreadsheet. Please see CPD categories for further information.