CEnvP Alumni

CEnvP Alumni is an honorary status for Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvPs) who have permanently ceased remunerative employment as an environmental practitioner. This status provides recognition to eligible CEnvPs who may be retiring or transitioning from full-time practice or professional activities and creates an opportunity for them to continue to participate, stay informed and contribute to the Scheme’s ongoing operation.

The following environmental practitioners have been granted Alumni status. We are pleased to congratulate each of them. They are:

  • Judith Roper-Lindsay, Canterbury NZ.
  • Dianne Buchan, Wellington NZ.
  • Mark Pilsworth, QLD.
  • Richard Bland, VIC.
  • David Hogg, ACT.
  • Simon Cavendish, current CEnvP Board Member, QLD
  • Wayne Hickey, QLD
  • Claire Delacey, ACT
  • Edward Thexton, VIC
  • Larry White, VIC

In order to be recognised as a CEnvP Alumni, a CEnvP must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • certification as a CEnvP for a continuous period of 5 years or more, in compliance with all CEnvP Scheme requirements and obligations, and
  • no record of disciplinary action with respect to any breach of the EIANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Practitioners who are approved for CEnvP Alumni status will:

  • be able to use the honorary title of CEnvP Alumni, and the post nominals “CEnvP (Alumni)”
  • have their profile featured on the CEnvP Alumni Directory
  • not be required to meet continuing professional development requirements
  • not incur any renewal or other administrative fees
  • remain in the CEnvP Scheme mailing list
  • be eligible to contribute to a range of volunteer opportunities in support of the CEnvP Scheme (please see “Opportunities” below)

However, as this is an honorary status, a CEnvP Alumni will:

  • not be able to represent, in any way, that they currently hold CEnvP and (where applicable) specialist certification
  • be required to remove all references to their previous CEnvP and (where applicable) specialist certification
  • not be issued with a CEnvP electronic seal
  • not be able to sign on Government reports as is required for some specialist certification categories


  • Become a CEnvP board member
    Board members are appointed for a term of three (3) years, and shall be eligible for re-appointment for three (3) consecutive terms as per EIANZ By-law 16.10.2 (5).
  • Hold a position on a CEnvP Specialist Environment Advisory Committee (SEAC)
    Committee members are appointed for a term of three (3) years, extendable twice (maximum 9 years) as per the CEnvP Standard SEAC Terms of Reference v1.3.
  • Participate on CEnvP interview assessment panels
    CEnvP Alumni can participate, for up to 5 years after the approval of their CEnvP Alumni status, on Interview Assessment Panels for the certification they previously held.  For example, practitioners that transition from CEnvP-SC to CEnvP Alumni could sit on General and Site Contamination Interview Assessment Panels.
  • Act as a CEnvP Registrar
    CEnvP Alumni can be appointed, for a period of up to 5 years after the approval of their CEnvP Alumni status, as a Registrar for the certification they previously held.  For example, practitioners that transition from CEnvP-SC to CEnvP Alumni could be appointed as a Site Contamination  Registrar.
  • Contribute to mentoring activities, as relevant
  • Contribute, as a volunteer, to the operations of the Scheme

To apply for Alumni status, simply fill out the online application form.