Evidence of the commitment to CPD is required to maintain one’s CEnvP status.  A minimum of 100 points of CPD activity must be achieved over each two-year period (calendar year basis) and reported to the CEnvP Board.

  • For applicants applying for General certification, it is advised to submit a CPD log at the time of application.
  • For applicants applying for Specialist certification, submitting a CPD log is strongly recommended to enable the Registrar, Assessment Panel and Board to ascertain your understanding of the requirement post certification.

To maintain CEnvP status, certified practitioners are required to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and to demonstrate continuing compliance with the Rules governing the CEnvP Scheme and the EIANZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

CPD log is mandatory every two years. It’s required to have a minimum of 100 points. If you hold a specialist certification, at least 50 points must relate to professional practice in your specialty.

For CPD activities to be acceptable they must be relevant to environmental practice or sustainability.

If a practitioner attends a seminar, conference or short course or undertakes a formal training course (degree, diploma, certificate or similar), then the subjects must have a direct connection to the environmental or sustainability practice of the CEnvP. That is, the CPD activity must contribute to enhancing the skills and knowledge in a practitioner’s area(s) of professional practice.

For example, many general business subjects may not be allowed as acceptable activities when the log is audited, even though they may be beneficial to CEnvPs who are consultants running their own businesses. It is important that this distinction is recognised. (If such topics are noted in the log, they should be over and above the 100 points with a direct relationship to professional practice. Some practitioners may choose to include all learning experiences in their log as a convenient record, particularly for taxation purposes).

Examples of environmental profession related CPD activity include:
  • Formal education and training, including online
  • Short courses and in-house training, including online
  • Attending conferences and seminars, including webinars and online conferences
  • Service to CEnvP via Certification Interview Panels video conference, becoming a Registrar, Board member, and other CEnvP volunteer work
  • Presentations, publications, research papers, guest lectures, private study, relevant academia
  • Mentorship under a suitable program, service to related professional associations and other relevant pro bono activities.
CEnvP CPD log

A CPD template contains specific details on different activities and is available for maintaining CPD records. Every two years the log must be submitted and is subject to potential audit. The official template is an excel spreadsheet. Applicants who choose not to use the downloadable version with in-built calculations may provide their own version, so long as it contains the same content in terms of the details entered.

The log can be entered in date order, since the downloadable version has a summary table which will calculate the total points for each category as the CPD activities are entered. Alternatively, the log may be presented as grouped items under the respective categories. It should be noted that certain categories have a limit set for the maximum hours and points that can be claimed, and that there are also multiplying factors included in the spreadsheet. Please see CPD categories for further information.

Click here for the CEnvP Scheme’s CPD Resources page for affiliated organisations offering training and professional development options.