The Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme is an environmental industry recognised Certification scheme open to environmental professionals who can meet the requisite competency criteria of experience, training, conduct and ethics.

As the environment industry begins to mature and the community is demanding greater environmental accountability from industry and government, environmental practitioners are realising the importance of the community being able to clearly recognise the education, training and experience level of the environmental practitioners with which they work. Certification is a way to demonstrate to employers, clients and professional associates that environmental skills and knowledge meet national standards.

To establish these standards, the CEnvP Scheme was established under an EIANZ by-law in 2004. The Certification Board, regional Assessment Panels and Registrar were established in time for the first CEnvP application in late 2004. The strong governance arrangements put in place behind the CEnvP Scheme, including the Certification Board, an Appeals process and third-party complaint process, ensure that the Scheme remains effective and fair.

In providing an additional level of recognition for ethical and competent practice, it is hoped that certification will yield benefits such as favourable differentiation for professional indemnity insurance and greater formal recognition for professional activities.


In 2010 CEnvP launched two specialist certification categories in Ecology and Impact AssessmentClimate Change and Site Contamination (formerly Contaminated Land) were added in 2014. Specialist certification enables practitioners to be recognised for their knowledge, experience and leadership skills in specialised areas of environmental practice.   More specialist categories will follow.

Find out more about certification requirements and the certification process here.

The Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme aims to ensure that talented, skilled and ethical environmental professionals are given due recognition in line with their professional counterparts from engineering, accounting, planning and architecture. Certification provides a greater level of assurance to the community, employers, clients and professional associates of the credentials and peer recognition of an environmental professional.  By certifying practitioners that meet high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, the Scheme assists in improving environmental practice and environmental outcomes.

The Scheme has been supported by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, and by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment.

You can apply for certification at any time. You can learn about applications here.

For further information on the program or applications, visit our FAQs and our applications pages.